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o0yukino0o's graphic community

[45] icons + colorings + PDS
Hello everyone!
It's been a few months, hsn't it?
So here I am with some icons, colorings and PSDs :)
I'll open a request post after I finish my exams (in a week or two), so be sure to check the community back!!!! :)

[01-05] Dengeki Daisy
[06-08] Goong
[09-11] Hana Yori Dango
[12-16] Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
[17-23] Kodomo no Omocha
[24-26] Mint na Bokura/ Ayashi no Ceres
[27-29] Sailor Moon
[30-33] Stardust Wink!
[34-37] Sugar Sugar Rune
[38-41] Jmovie: Bokura ga Ita
[42-45] In Time With You

[04] manga panels: Dengeki Daisy, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Sailor Moon, Stardust Wink

[01] psd


With you here, holding hands can give me warmth, with you here, embracing you can give me courage. If I could turn back time with you here, I'll change all the things you didn't like...Collapse )


[73] icons: Dear my Girls, Hana Kimi, Skip Beat, SJ, Park Min Young, Nam Gyu Ri...
Hello everyone!
I'm back! I haven't been doing much as an iconist lately but I hope you enjoy this small batch anyway! :)
I must admit it: I've been watching lots of dramas and I ended up procrastinating with everything! I'm currently watching Dream High 2, which was better that I expected and Extravagant Challenge (Skip Beat!)
Now, I've got a DeviantArt account here! Feel free to follow me, sometimes I post there colorings I don't post here :)
Oh, and I'm also making a Autumn's Concerto animated moodtheme so, if someone is interested, please let me know and I'll try to finish it as soon as I can and next time I'm planning on making a Toradora or Hakushaku to Yosei one!
(yep, I know, the colors of this batch are sooooooo bright! sorry if this post will burn your eyes)...

[01-03] Dear My Girls
[04-14] Hana Kimi
[15-23] Skip Beat!
[24-44] Super Junior
[45-50] Park Min Young
[51-56] Nam Gyu Ri
[57-59] Lee Jong Suk
[60-62] Naka Riisa
[63-69] Dream High
[70-73] In Time With You

[01] Large Graphic (450x450): Dream High


You thought that not depending on anyone there won't be anymore sadness. Quietly, you stared blankly, whispering to yourself in soft volume... Your voice full of disappointment, who where you confessing to?Collapse )


[94] icons: Black Bird, Hakushaku, KOR, Kimi ni Todoke, Ouran, Ady, Ariel, Jiro...
nanami x yano
Hello everyone!
As I said last week, I had to take a little break because of some rl issues and that's why I haven't done much as an iconist, so this batch might seems totally random (and so it is)! XD
Hope you enjoy it anyways :)
Oh, for my birthday I got a tablet but I still didn't have enough time to try it out, I hope I will after exams are finished!
If you're interested, I'm participating in "Asking the maker activity", where you can ask me everything about icons, colorings and such, here's my thread!!

[01-06] Black Bird
[07-13] Hakushaku to Yosei
[14-17] Kimagure Orange Road
[18-41] Kimi ni Todoke
[42-65] Ouran Host Club
[66-68] Ady An
[69-70] Ariel Lin
[71-73] Jiro Wang
[74-80] Keiko Kitagawa
[81-83] Yuna Ito
[84-88] Vanness Wu & Material Queen
[89-94] It Started With A Kiss & cast


If only you peel open my heart layer by layer by layer, you'll discover, you'll be shocked, you're my most suppressed and deepest secret...Collapse )


Ask the maker!
Hello everyone!
I know I'm always late but...

   Happy new year!   

Yep, I'm still alive but as you saw I didn't make much as an iconist during these two months and I'm really sorry for this (RL hits you when you less expect it) :(
I've prepared a little batch but I'll post it within two/three days since I'm still on holiday without my beloved computer :O
In the meantime I'm participating in this activity!
If you ever wanted to know how I made a certain icon just ask! Since I don't save PSDs I can't guarantee I can remember everything but I can try to recreate something similar :)